Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

STAR Group

Dr. David Canales Garcia

The Space Trajectories and Applications Research (STAR) group investigates research within the context of multi-body dynamics in multidisciplinary space applications and collaborations.

  • Astrodynamics

  • Orbit Determination

  • Mission Planning

  • Telecommunications

  • Signal Processing

  • Astronomy

  • Space Systems Design and Modeling

Research Vision

There is a significant interest for future space missions in the Cislunar region as well as other planetary systems for scientific, military, and commercial applications. The Cislunar space itself poses, among others, two main challenges: a demanding dynamical environment and large distances from Earth. This fact creates the need for advanced orbital methods for mission planning, navigation, surveillance, and collision avoidance. To survey the Cislunar vicinity, it is necessary that techniques applied to spacecraft subject to multiple gravitational fields are used. Therefore, our team focuses on incorporation of multi-body dynamics for different space applications leveraging modern computation as well as visualization tools for an accurate dynamical understanding of the behavior in these regions of space.